Tee- Off at Brookline Library was Double the Size of Last Year

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Brookline Library Tee Off Star Wars Event. Mini Golf, Raffle, contests, face painting, costumes, cash bar

In the red Imperial Guard costume is Editor Bryant Jones surrounded by Rebel Heroes

Originally published June 19, 2017 By Bryant Jones

Librarian Kerry O’Donnell was amazed, “We had double the attendance of last year’s ‘Tee Off’ event.” At about seven hundred attendees including the adult’s and kid’s hours, this was the most successful “Tee Off” event ever for Brookline. This past Saturday, June 17th, participants enjoyed mini-golf, raffle prizes, contests, appetizers, face painting and even a bar during the adult’s only time.

Lucky participants went home with raffle prizes like 3D Laser printed Star Wars Chess pieces. This reporter was just happy to win one of the stuffed owls from achieving a hole-in-one at mini golf. Since the event had a “Star Wars” theme, many recognizable Star Wars characters were there: Princess Leia, Darth Vadar, various Jedis, an Imperial Guard, and many more. It was surprisingly pleasant to hear so much laughter and cheers ringing out among the usually silent halls of our library. Smiles seemed to be infectious and revelers were friendly.

Kasey Myers (yellow & black costume with toy gun) had one of the most well-made costumes this year. She explained she had made it herself and also helped make the brown Jedi outfit for her friend. I was in disbelief but Kasey went on to explain that starting tonight (June 19th) at 7pm, in the Main branch on Washington Street, she’ll be teaching a free cosplay costume creation class. Each Monday leading up to Boston Comic Con, participants may come to “Cosplay Mondays” to not only learn how to make their cosplay costumes, but also how to act more like their character.

If you’d like any more information about Cosplay Costume Creation Mondays or to sign up, go to www.BrooklineLibrary.org

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