Try Out Germany’s Hot New Board Games In Brookline

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The Knight move Cafe for playing board games, 1402 Beacon St., Brookline

Brookline, MA, by Bryant Jones for The Chronicle

Come play at the First Look preview event at Knight Moves Cafe, featuring hot new strategy board games flown in from Essen SPIEL in Germany. This event is in collaboration with PAX Unplugged.

Rand, the event’s sponsor, tells The Chronicle, “I am collaborating with Knight Moves to do a preview event for new board games from the large convention in Essen, Germany that happened last week. The Public is invited to come play, though a normal entrance cost of $10 applies.”

Details: $10 cover 11am – 11pm, Saturday, November 16th.

Address: Knight Moves Cafe, 1402 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

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