Cuttys in Brookline Celebrates National Sandwich Day

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Owner Rachel Kelsey (left) with Staff, one of which (also named Rachel on right) is soon getting married

By Bryant Jones, Chronicle Staff, Nov. 4th, 2019

Cutty’s in Brookline Village celebrated “National Sandwich Day” Sunday, 11/3, by offering their scrumptious chicken sandwich specials.

The annals of English history report that John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Among other things, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a heavy gambler. Montagu often spent many long hours in London’s gambling parlors. In 1762, he created the sandwich, by putting meat between two pieces of bread. This allowed him to remain at the gambling table for long periods of time. The sandwich was named after him.

Food Network Star Guy Fieri (right) when he visited Cutty’s. Former Cook’s Illustrated editors Charles and Rachel Kelsey (left) have earned national attention, and built an intense local following. Just like the craft and care that they put into their food,

Cutty’s didn’t disappoint on Sandwich Day as they planned their “Super-Cluckin Sunday” for this holiday with their famous chicken sandwiches. Lines were up to 35 minutes at their peak. Cutty’s staff told The Chronicle, “We had more than usual today, it was intense.” Owner Rachel Kelsey said, “National Sandwich Day was definitely faster than any other, thanks everyone for your patronage!” Chronicle Staff was very impressed when they overheard the Cutty’s Staff volunteer to give up their own Special Chicken Sandwich so that the last customers in line wouldn’t go without. Now that is dedication and show’s why Cutty’s has a loyal following in Brookline.

Join Cutty’s December 8th for their next Super-Cluckin Sunday and follow Cutty’s on Twitter: @Cuttys

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