Brookine Elections & Town Meeting Moved to June

Brookine Elections & Town Meeting Postponed until June

By Bryant Jones, Chronicle Staff, 4/3/20

The Town-wide elections in Brookline have been Postponed until June & the 1st night of Town Meeting will be June 23rd. Moderator Gadsby announced this moving of the first night of Town Meeting to Tuesday, June 23rd. It is not yet certain, who, if anyone, will be responsible for providing Town Meeting Cookies.


Jeff Bezos donates 100 mil to help needy in USA

By Bryant Jones, Chronicle Staff, 4/4/20

Jeff Bezos and his company have been doing a lot to combat the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but now the Amazon owner is using his immense wealth to battle one problem specifically: hunger. Bezos announced he’s sending a $100 million gift to the non-profit organization Feeding America to help replenish its national network of food banks and pantries with the goal being “getting food to those countless families who need it.” Jeff has 2 stores in Brookline, Wholefoods, 1028 Beacon Street, and Amazon Locker Plus at 870 Commonwealth Avenue. Jeff says food insecurity is a problem in the U.S. even during ordinary times, but “COVID-19 is amplifying that stress significantly.” That’s because many non-profit food banks rely on donations of excess food from restaurants, and as you know …