Brookline’s Dave Cavell Is Newest Candidate For Joe Kennedy’s Seat

Dave Cavell and his wife Kate. Dave is Brookine’s newest entry into a 6-way race

From Obama Staff to Congressional Candidate

David Cavell, a former speech writer for President Barack Obama and an Assistant State Attorney General, announced his candidacy for the state’s 4th Congressional District on Thursday, October 17th. “I’m running for Congress because we need to restore the rule of law in Washington and deliver bold, transformational change for people in this entire district,” Cavell, 35, said in a prepared statement. The Brookline Democrat joins at least five other Democrats vying to replace U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, who’s running for Senate against Democrat incumbent Ed Markey. Dave said his qualifications include a number of suits launched from the AG’s office against President Donald Trump.

Can We Talk About Zionism?

A Shabbos Potluck in Brookline with Dr. Alice Rothchild

Special thanks to Dr. Rothchild for transcribing her speech given Oct. 18, ’19 in Brookline. Today
I’m going to be discussing the recently published book, Reclaiming
Judaism from Zionism: Stories of Personal Transformation. The book is a collection of curated essays by rabbis, students,
academics, and activists, and includes my chapter titled: Choosing a
different path. I am going to start with some definitions that I
have gleaned from my own personal research and also from the
excellent introduction written by Professor Carolyn Karcher who is
the editor of this book.

Time To See Tall Ships Before They Depart

Tall Ships in Boston Harbor leave on Thursday. You still have two days left to enjoy them. Originally Published Jun 19, 2017 , by Bryant Jones

It’s not too late to visit the historic tall ships in Boston harbor. They don’t depart until Thursday morning. If you aren’t already familiar with their special visit to Boston Harbor, you don’t want to miss this first visit back in seventeen years.

Tee- Off at Brookline Library was Double the Size of Last Year

Brookline Library Tee Off Star Wars Event. Mini Golf, Raffle, contests, face painting, costumes, cash bar

In the red Imperial Guard costume is Editor Bryant Jones surrounded by Rebel Heroes

Originally published June 19, 2017 By Bryant Jones

Librarian Kerry O’Donnell was amazed, “We had double the attendance of last year’s ‘Tee Off’ event.” At about seven hundred attendees including the adult’s and kid’s hours, this was the most successful “Tee Off” event ever for Brookline. This past Saturday, June 17th, participants enjoyed mini-golf, raffle prizes, contests, appetizers, face painting and even a bar during the adult’s only time. Lucky participants went home with raffle prizes like 3D Laser printed Star Wars Chess pieces.

A Man & The Sea: Neil Gordon Takes To A Tall Ship To Spread Eco-Awareness

Article originally posted Jun 30, 2017 by Bryant Jones

Brookline’s Neil Gordon voyages on the Tall Ship Clearwater to educate the next generation on how to keep a cleaner planet

Neil Gordon, right, teaches kids the harm pollution causes our waterways

As the day began, Neil Gordon was up at 7am swabbing the deck on the old-wooden hulled tall ship, the Clearwater. He felt a slight crick in his back from the intense labor and spartan sleeping quarters and his hands were sore from turning the nine foot tiller to steer this sloop. But this wasn’t a scene from 1717, but rather 2017. So what would make a successful and accomplished businessman forgo his comfortable life in Brookline to spend two weeks every year for the past six years in such rough living arrangements? Passion.

Boston Discriminates

Re-print of Opinion Piece Courtesy of the Boston Globe

Boston Discriminates Against Those With Disabilities & Work Inc.

After ten years of service from those with disabilities, never heard before conflated complaints about un-tucked shirts, earbuds, & running out of salt

Arial photo of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Courtesy of the Conservancy

The nonprofit conservancy that runs the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway now insists longstanding management and equipment problems led to its recent decision to replace WORK Inc. — a Dorchester nonprofit that employed people with disabilities for some of the maintenance jobs at the park — with Block by Block, a for-profit firm from Kentucky. According to Jesse Brackenbury, executive director of the Greenway Conservancy, when WORK Inc.’s contract was up for renewal, Block by Block submitted a better proposal at a lower cost. Choosing the Louisville-based company, which already maintains Downtown Crossing, is “in keeping with our fiduciary responsibility,” he said. That’s Brackenbury’s explanation, and he and the Greenway’s board are sticking to it. However, with a nonprofit like the conservancy, success can’t be measured only in dollars and cents.

Vitolo Running for Re-election

State Rep. Tommy Vitolo next to Rep. Joe Kennedy III who’s running for The Senate. State Rep. Tommy Vitolo Running for Re-election

10/22/19 Brookline, MA by Bryant Jones

There are currently six candidates declared for Representative Joe Kennedy III’s Seat but not yet Tommy Vitolo of Brookline. When asked, today by the Brookline Chronicle he replied:

“I’ve announced that I’m running for re-election to the Massachusetts House of Representatives to continue fighting for social & economic justice, public ed, & climate here in Massachusetts. Chip in!” State Rep. Vitolo supplied his donation link:

Newton Ranked #1 in MA by Money Magazine

Are you surprised that Money Magazine rated #Newton as the best place to live in Massachusetts based on several Criteria? And nationwide, Newton is ranked #12. From the article: 

“The scenic “Garden City” is well known for its high-quality public schools — the graduation rate is 97% — as well as its low crime risk and leafy green streets. Located less than 10 miles west of Boston and encompassing 13 villages, many with their own parks or shopping centers, Newton is an affluent commuter town with thriving local energy. Home prices are high, but so are family incomes.